Our Podcasts

Plugged In Media is proud to have a growing portfolio of original podcast material.

From Darkness to Life

From Darkness to Life contains the real stories of courageous individuals who have found their way out of the darkness caused by mental health challenges and substance abuse. If the following episode resonates with you and you yourself or someone you love needs help, please reach out to Our Collective Journey on the web at "http://ourcollectivejourney.ca" or on facebook at "Our Collective Journey."


Action on Sepsis

Presented by the University of British Columbia, Action on Sepsis Podcast is a patient-led podcast series focused on telling the whole journey of Sepsis from the perspective of the patient, along with input from healthcare workers, researchers, and other individuals advocating for improved sepsis care nationally and globally. The focus of the podcast is to showcase a diverse collection of stories and use knowledge from research and clinical fields to support learning from these stories.


Comfort Zone Chronicles

This is the Podcast where Actions speak Louder than Words! Join Steve Krysak as he tackles his own insecurities and tries to expand his comfort zone one action at a time.


Two Fat Morons Save the World

Two guys from different walks of life talk about their ideas, opinions and takes of the day's and week's events.



How do we put a podcast together from start to finish?



Coming up with a show concept, ideas, format and other creative details 



Working with you to get all the pieces together to move an episode forward.



We work with you to get all the pieces together to put your podcast together.



Taking all the produced pieces and bake them into a delicious Podcast Cake that no one will be able to resist.  This helps you build credibility and an audience.



Create and populate the distribution channels to get your message to the masses (including video and an optional custom website!)



We'll sit down with you and review the process and previous episode.  Make any changes and improve the workflow to make recording more efficient.

Our Services

Plugged-In Media can help you create a podcast in the most professional way possible, with podcasting services that include:

  • Consultation
    Consulting with you to brainstorm some ideas show concepts and formats before AND after the podcast is finished.
  • Recording
    Recording your podcast in a professional state-of-the-art studio that allows for up to 4 in-house guests and even remote guests over ZOOM.
  • Need Video?
    The ability to video or live-stream your podcast and interact with your audience.
  • Professional Post Production
    Post Production design, editing and mixing your podcast to sound clear and crisp, with personality!
  • Publication
    Publishing your podcast on all major platforms so listeners can find it wherever they are.
  • Website
    Provide you a website so you can have your own internet 'real estate' on which to build your brand and even write a blog!

Hit the Road!

Plugged-In Media can provide a "road kit" that you can take on the road to do remote podcasts with up to 6 people (including one over bluetooth)

Ask us how ❯
  • Studio Microphones
    We're rockin' the latest Shure MV7 Mics so you know the sound will be full and clear.  We also have Rode, Shure SM58, and Apex mics.
  • Comfort Lighting
    With voice-controlled smart lights, we can set the mood you need. From dark and comfortable to bright and energizing!
  • Post Production
    All live recording and post-production is done on a Pro-Tools workstation through a Behringer X32 Digital Audio sound desk.
  • Production Elements
    We are partnered with Epidemic Sound to provide the perfect royalty free music bed for whatever mood you need to hit.
  • Distribution
    We will distribute your podcast on all the most popular podcast platforms.  Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher and more!

Knowledgeable and Creative

We don't just run a production studio, but we also love creativity.  If you have any questions about your podcast at any time before, during, or after it's distributed, don't hesitate to contact us.  We're always ready to help you out.

Contact Us Anytime